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THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Will New Tariffs Hurt the U.S. Solar-Power Industry?

Jeffrey Ball, scholar-in-residence at Stanford University’s Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance: Solar power is undergoing a stunning revolution, plummeting in price and surging in popularity. That price drop is due partly to technology, partly to government subsidies and mostly to the efficiencies of globalization. The surest way to encourage solar’s global growth is […]

THE HILL: Opinion: Dayal Rajagopalan and Megan Ingram: The feds need to support the free market in solar energy

Government policy shouldn’t pick which companies win and which companies lose. Instead, good policy fosters competition, which leads to better products and greater prosperity. When the politicians get involved, it usually leads to worse outcomes for businesses, workers, and consumers. Take for example the case of SolarWorld and Suniva. The two solar panel manufacturers have […]

GREENVILLE NEWS: Opinion: Greg Gebhardt, Bret J. Sowers and Tyson Grinstead: Protect American jobs, reject bailouts for Suniva and SolarWorld

The US solar industry — representing roughly 374,000 domestic jobs — is currently under threat by two foreign-owned companies. Bankrupted by severe mismanagement, Chinese-owned Suniva and German-owned SolarWorld are attempting to cash-in on a U.S. government bailout by obtaining new job-killing tariffs on imported solar cells and modules. President Trump is a staunch defender of […]

PV MAGAZINE: “The Suniva effect” stalls $100 million project in Texas

PV magazine first reported on “the Suniva effect” in July, when it first started hearing that project developers were hoarding solar modules to head off significant price hikes and were increasingly reluctant to sign final contracts on even fully funded projects because of price instability in the module market. While the residential and small commercial […]

THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS: $100 million Texas solar project on hold as Trump administration threatens tariff

President Donald Trump hasn’t yet decided whether to impose tariffs on cheap imported solar equipment, but the uncertainty has already killed or slowed projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars and cost Texas jobs. A 100-megawatt, $100 million solar farm near Fort Stockton has been put on “indefinite hold” awaiting Trump’s decision, said Scott Canada, […]

BREITBART: Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning: Globalists Want Solar Tariffs When They Bailout Obama’s Foreign Cronies

President Trump made a strong commitment to defend American companies but, in this case, the global financial interests behind two failed foreign companies are trying to get a bailout on their bad investment by manipulating U.S. trade laws for their benefit and hurting many successful American companies in the process. President Trump shouldn’t be fooled […]

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Possible tariff on imported solar panels makes the industry nervous

Starting as a niche energy industry less than a decade ago, the U.S. solar sector has grown to about 40 manufacturing plants, over 9,000 installation companies and 260,000 employees, according to the Solar Energy Industries Assn., the industry’s major trade group in Washington. Last year, utility-scale solar stations produced 37% of new electrical generating capacity […]