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THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Editorial: How to Kill American Solar

The International Trade Commission in September ruled in favor of two financially troubled U.S. solar-panel makers—Suniva and Solar World—that claim they’ve been injured by imports. This week the ITC will issue its “remedy recommendations” for President Trump, but nothing in the law says it must recommend tariffs on the most basic components of solar power. […]

CLEANTECHNICA: Major US Businesses Call On ITC To Reconsider Solar Tariff

Major US businesses and members of the Ceres BICEP Network have this week added their voices to the many already hoping the US International Trade Commission will reconsider imposing a solar tariff following the ruling in the Suniva and SolarWorld Section 201 solar trade case. In a letter sent to the International Trade Commission (ITC) […]

THE DAILY REFLECTOR: Opinion: Solar jobs in jeopardy

There are more than 7,000 North Carolina residents working in the solar industry and 340,000 North Carolina homes powered by solar. Consumers pay less for energy and with the solar industry growing 15 times faster than the national economy, solar is proving to be a crucial state industry. But American workers and businesses could be […]

BLOOMBERG: Embattled Solar and Wind Industries Turn to Conservatives for Help

With the administration of President Donald Trump moving to bail out coal plants and slap tariffs on solar imports, the renewable-energy industry is turning to a secret weapon for help: conservatives who actually support clean energy. The wind and solar industry sponsored a conservative conference on clean energy in Washington, hoping to tailor their message […]

KCRG NEWS: Solar power boom could get squeezed by higher panel prices

The rush to solar power picked up speed in recent years as solar panels dropped significantly in price. But eastern Iowans interested in rooftop solar may find prices starting to go the other way. Two U.S. solar panel manufacturers, Suniva and SolarWorld, won a “serious injury” claim on Friday that cheap solar imports made it […]