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BARRON’S: Will New Tariffs Dim the Solar-Power Boom?

Cheap imported solar cells have fueled an alternative-energy boom in the U.S., making solar cost-competitive with coal and natural gas in some states, and persuading over one million American homeowners to generate their own power. Now President Donald Trump is considering tariffs or other trade sanctions that could slow the flow of foreign cells and […]

REASON: Two Solar Companies Got Big Subsidies From Obama. Now They Want Protective Tariffs From Trump.

Two bankrupt green energy companies may be given new lives, thanks to the economic protectionism in the guise of “America First.” Suniva and Solarworld, like many companies in the renewable energy industry, have received millions of taxpayer dollars in the form of grants and tax incentives over the past decade. Now, both are pinning their […]

GTM: 6 Ways to Encourage American Solar Manufacturing Without Import Duties

The verdict is in: By unanimous ruling, the U.S. International Trade Commission found that increased imports are causing serious harm to U.S. solar cell and module manufacturing. While domestic deployments of solar have grown nearly eightfold in the past five years, U.S. manufacturing has fallen behind. Previous trade cases were intended to stabilize pricing and […]

THE DAILY SIGNAL: The Absurdity of Propping Up 2 Favored Solar Companies

Raising tariffs on solar imports, as the commission is now contemplating, would work at complete counter purposes to these government subsidies. The tariffs requested by Suniva and SolarWorld will make solar products and services in America more expensive and less competitive by removing inexpensive, often imported choices from other solar companies and their customers. The […]

FORBES: Solar Tariff Case Challenges President Trump’s ‘Energy Dominance’ Agenda

Earlier this spring, solar cell manufacturer Suniva filed for bankruptcy, in the process announcing the closure of its Michigan facility. The business subsequently petitioned the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC), a federal agency that investigates trade disputes, for protection from competition, asking for tariffs to be imposed on foreign-manufactured modules, a move that would likely […]

THE POST AND COURIER: Protect affordable solar power

Boosting U.S. manufacturing is a laudable goal, and a thriving solar industry would potentially help balance out job losses in dirtier energy technologies like coal. But putting a tariff on solar panels would also risk slowing the expansion of solar power in the country, including here in S.C. where solar power installations increased by almost […]

THE POST AND COURIER: South Carolina solar industry weighs in on international trade case that could increase cost of panels

The S.C. Solar Business Alliance sent letters to U.S. Sens. Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott last month asking both Republicans to oppose a request by a bankrupt solar panel manufacturer that could place hefty tariffs on cheaper imports from Mexico, Canada and China. … The petition for trade relief, filed by the bankrupt manufacturer Suniva […]